In between food

Updated: Mar 21

We are Giorgia and Fabio and wre from two different countries, Italy and Portugal. At this present moment we live in London and apart of our love for each other we share the love for food!

Having this passion for food we always like to challenge ourselves, making new dishes, so one day we decided to open an instagram page for fun (@inbetweenfood) where we started to share to the world our creations.

For us is a really good fun and push our boundaries making us always looking forward for a new creations and new dishes.

During the years Giorgia became vegetarian, so at the beginning was a good challenge.

I believe many people starting with new dietary struggle always with this alternative type of diet concept, limiting to certain types of food and avoiding others. We are always trying to be sustainable as much as we can, buying fresh, local, seasonal and plastic free products. Is important that those are certified and organic. This not only reassures the product is well produced, but also, chemical free, making sure is not over explored and there are plenty more for each season.

We also started from last year to "go green", so anything that is plastic we refuse and instead we swap for other products when possible.

We also love to travel and discover something new all the time! This bring us to discover new places and new types of food with their own ways of cooking bringing new flavors and more inspiration to us.

Through our page, you will discover all our dishes and share what inspire us the most. Giorgia is a baker lover, she loves to bake and discover different types of bread and new desserts. Fabio is inspired by fine dining and loves to recreate dishes that he discovers, giving his own touch on the palate and plate.

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